How should the tensile testing machine prevent rust

As a kind of mechanical equipment, the tensile testing machine has the problem of rust. The harsh and changeable environment and the storage and transportation process have become the weak link of rust prevention. Therefore, in order to ensure that it is not affected by improper packaging during storage and transportation, it is required that the packaging should have protective functions such as rust-proof, shock-proof, and moisture-proof. Especially in the long storage and transportation time and harsh environmental conditions, rust prevention becomes more important. So how do we prevent it from rusting?

1. Working environment

As a material performance testing instrument, the tensile testing machine has certain requirements for the working environment. The working environment of Tianjin Vitiligo Hospital is required to be in the range of room temperature 10-35℃, relative humidity is not more than 80%, and there is no corrosive medium around, which can effectively prevent corrosion problems. Packing work should be carried out under clean, dry, and no harmful media conditions.

2. Packaging work

1. The entire packaging work should be carried out continuously and completed at one time. If the operation is stopped midway, temporary protective measures should be taken. Before packing, please fix the movable parts of the testing machine. For example, in a dual-space universal testing machine, the lower beam can move up and down, and a piece of wood can be pressed between the lower beam and another fixed part to prevent it from moving. The contact surface between the square wood and the part should be added to prevent it from moving. Rusty paper.

2. For the precision components of the tensile testing machine, such as pressure sensors, photoelectric encoders, etc., should be taken out of the testing machine, placed in its own packaging box, and then placed in the accessory box. All pipe joints should be plugged with screw plugs to prevent air and dust from entering. Nanjing Psoriasis Hospital must pay special attention to the pipe joints on the cylinder to prevent corrosion of the working surface of the cylinder piston.

3. Apply anti-rust oil on the parts that are prone to rust on the host, and apply it evenly and all over, and then spread anti-rust paper. Pillar parts such as pillars, screws, etc. are wound with rust-proof paper in a spiral winding manner.

4. The spiral lines should overlap each other to ensure that there are no exposed parts. The contact part between the main body of the tensile machine and the bottom of the packing box should be protected to prevent vibration and rust. First, wrap the contact surface with anti-rust paper, and then wrap the outer layer of polystyrene spherical foam.

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