Leather products burning performance test

Common testing standards: GB/T 2406, GB/T2408, IEC60695, ASTM E84, ASTM E662, ASTM E162, ASTM d1929, UL94 5VA, 5VB, V0, V1, V2, UL1581, ISO9773, SAE J369-03, FMVSS302, BS5852, BS 746, CA117, TB603, EN71, ANSI/NFPA 701, NFPA258, 259, 1997UBC 8-2, 26-1, 26-3, 26-6.

Measurable items: vertical combustion, horizontal combustion, smoke density, limiting oxygen index, flame spread rate, flash point, flammability, non-combustibility.

Testing products: plastic, rubber raw materials, fireproof coatings, foam, sponge, composite materials, pipe materials, toys, plastic film, wire and cable casing plastic materials, foam for heat insulation, plastic runway, aluminum composite panels, sun panels, elastic floor covering materials, automotive interior materials, automotive exterior materials, furniture and sofa materials, artificial leather, construction materials.

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