Many shopkeepers often encounter some wrong assembly problems when assembling drugstore shelves. Now, I would like to share the correct steps and methods:

1. First, all the main parts and accessories in the package should be cleared and classified.

2. After picking out the four columns, take out the triangles that need to be fixed at both ends. At both ends of each column, the triangles at the top and the bottom are different in the direction of the device, and the direction is upward.

3. After fixing the triangular piece, start to install the laminate. To facilitate the installation, fix the first two pieces. Wait until the device is finished, make sure the shelf shape is normal, and then reinforce the screws.

4. After the installation of the first and the last laminates, the column on one side of the whole shelf is installed, and then other layers are installed with the same or different layer spacing.

5. After confirming the position of the laminate, turn over the shelf, fix the columns on the other side separately, and install the remaining columns. Pay special attention to the spacing of the laminates, otherwise it will lead to uneven shelves.

6. After fixing the remaining columns, erect the whole shelf, adjust it in the flat air to see if it is stable, and finally use a screw driver to reinforce all screws. Then it can be used normally.

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