Zhejiang KOEO Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd, an integrated company in petroleum equipment and valve industry, one of the CCCPI members, enjoys approved certifications as SIRA Certification, CE as well as ISO 9001:2008 standards.
Built into every fuel transfer pump, fuel nozzle and meter is over 25 years of experience (since 1990)—and the pride and workmanship associated with the moniker “Made in China”. We use only the most durable materials to insure long life and dependability. Positively good reviews have been earned from customers in more than 30 countries.
Products cover as below:
● Manual and Automatic Shutoff Fuel Nozzles
● Fuel Flow Meter
● Diesel and Petrol Fuel Pump
● Dispenser Pump Unit
● Vane Pump
● QBY Series Air-operated Diaphragm Pump
● DBY Series Electrical Diaphragm Pump
● Swivel, Hoses, Breakaway etc Accessories Parts
Product Application:For diesel, kerosene, gasoline and other chemical use
Our Certificate:CE, ISO9001
Production Equipment:Forging machine, rinsing machine, painting machine, testing machine etc
Production Market:Annual sales around $2 million, exporting to German, Poland, Turkey, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia etc.
Our service:Offer services on products quotes, shipping cost inquiry, custom clearance questions, and after-sale communicationbuy Self Priming Pump Set